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As a trusted timeshare exit company, we offer transparency and 70-year-of experience and knowledge.


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Our top consultants offer a free comprehensive review of your timeshare buy.

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Getting out of a timeshare has never been simpler. With our legally binding and courthouse documented results, your timeshare transfer is permanent.



We’re confident in our ability to swiftly and permanently transfer your timeshare.


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If you feel you have been lied to, misled, or pressured into buying your timeshare, you have the right to eliminate your timeshare. America’s Consumer Advocacy Group is A+ rated with the BBB and has  assisted over 12,000 families get out of their timeshares. We also have saved over $31,000,000 of timeshare debt in 2019 for our clients. So what does that mean for you? This means we understand how to escape a timeshare successfully which then gives you peace of mind. Our mission is simply to educate then help consumers to achieve ultimate timeshare freedom.

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Our timeshare exit specialists serve as your advocate. We will work non-stop to relieve you of your timeshare contract! ACA group absorbs the frustrations and headaches instead of our customers.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I’m glad that I found such a dependable and effective timeshare exit company. My case was taken care of by a professional lawyer who was always there for me answering all of my questions and resolving all of my concerns. Thanks to America’s Consumer Advocacy Group I got out of my Timeshare nightmare and now I get better sleep and quality of life.

Lily Z.

I tried to deal directly with my resort and they were so unreasonable and refused to work with me. That’s when I reached out to ACA Group and they walked me through the process. Even though it took a little longer than I had hoped they saw me through this difficult time in my life! Thank You Aaron and Casey! I promise I will never buy another timeshare again!!

Natalya H.

My consultant at America’s Consumer Advocacy Group treated me patiently and respectfully he showed great commitment. I was pleased that he took great care of all my concerns from start to finish and after a careful analysis he came up with my timeshare exit plan. I just had to hand him the paperwork and he did everything for me. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with this company

Amanda F.

It just took one phone call for these guys to come up with a solution for me to exit my timeshare. I explained to them that I could no longer afford the very high fees associated with this timeshare money pit! Their Fees were not cheap but more affordable then owning this timeshare, what a pleasant experience this has been. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who was in my situation.

Aubrey C.

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