How it Works

Find out about our process.

How it Works


Phase 1- Qualification Stage

All of our potential clients have to undergo a complete and thorough qualification stage. Our expert attorneys want to confirm that you have a 100% chance of separating from your timeshare contract. If we cannot personally help you with your timeshare, then we will connect you with helpful resources free of charge so that you can get the help you need.

Phase 2- Schedule your Free Consultation

After pre-qualifying with our team you will be able to schedule a free consultation with one of our exit experts. You can discuss your concerns with your timeshare in your free consultation and what options you have for escaping it for good. You will have the opportunity to discuss how much it will cost to exit your timeshare.

Phase 3- Approval

After agreeing to enter into business with us, we will work tirelessly to free you from your timeshare. It won’t be quick or easy, and can potentially take over a year to resolve tricky timeshares, but you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our legal team will manage your timeshare exit plan’s stress and continually assess pathways to determine what will help you in the most efficient manner possible.


After months of waiting and our diligent work, the time has come for you to be free of your timeshare. You won’t have to waste money on properties you don’t use or that cost more than they are worth. After completing our work, your timeshare will be a nightmare from the past, and you will be able to invest that money in worthwhile ventures. Enjoy your new-found freedom!

Help is on the way

We Offer

We are a customer-first company, and we demonstrate that in our integrity and honesty. If we cannot help you with your timeshare, we will not take your money. We will point you in the direction of resources and assistance that can help you free of charge. That is what putting the client first means to us. Let us show you our superior level of service, responsiveness, and customer care.